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Photographic Digital Packages and Pricing

We love capturing memories for families. That is what we do. So to make it easier for you to enjoy those memories we have created these digital packages that allow you to have access to your photos that you can download and share and use as you wish.

Of course, as a lover of family and tradition, we will continue to offer the Ultimate Katrina Christ Collection and spend time with you to design how they will fit into your home and become heirloom artwork on your walls that feature you and your family.

Our focus remains firmly on getting the best photos that you and your family will love for many years to come.

the classic photo package katrina christ photographer brisbane queensland
the premium photo package katrina christ photographer brisbane queensland
the deluxe round

The Ultimate Katrina Christ Collection

Where we will do everything for you.

Katrina Christ Photographer specialises in family photography. We create gorgeous photos that make a positive impact on our clients' lives. We're experts in photographing families and we guarantee that you will love what we create for you.

Our studio specialises in finished art for your walls that tell the story of your family. Master Photographer Katrina is dedicated to bringing your photographs to life and will spend the time with you custom designing precious memories for your home that will become heirlooms for your children and their children!

You will be indulged with Genovese coffee and a cinematic slideshow at our beautiful East Brisbane studio where you can view the stunning artwork we can create. Lets design something amazing together.

Prints + Framing + Metal Art + Acrylic + Canvas + Books + Image Box + Arrival Cards.

Our prints start at $195 and our most popular framed series is $2845.

We have a minimum spend here at the studio of $585 on photos.

We also include the high resolution digital file of all prints purchased as well as gorgeous little social media digital files of these for you to share with friends and family around the world!

Katrina Christ Photographer: We guarantee you'll absolutely love your photos or we will re-shoot at our cost!

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