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Advice from parents for the first few weeks with your newborn

Ask for help from those who have done it before, are close to you, or even a complete stranger. Raising a new life is hard – let people help you!


Don’t worry if breastfeeding doesn’t come easily – most mums we chat to say it took a while and if it works out breastfeeding isn’t the best method that’s fine too! When sitting to feed Get a glass of water and a book or magazine to read. And, because breastfeeding can take a while, pee first!


Don’t stress about being tired – it’s inevitable, your main goal is to look after your baby and spend time bonding. You’re not going to get a full night’s sleep, so you can either be tired and angry or just tired! Take shifts with your partner too, allow them to help during those touch moments in the middle of the night.


Keep your plans simple and be prepared to abandon them at any time and know it’s ok to do so – however you are seeing will understand! Also, if you can find a tiny bit of alone time in the day – even a short walk in fresh air can work wonders.


Enjoy these precious moments when they are tiny – they are so fleeting and remember you’re doing a great job raising your little life xxx

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