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Always a good day to let your curly hair down in our Hawthorn studio!

I can only dream of what it might be like to wake with a full head of gorgeous curls like these!  It must be fantastic though, don’t you think?  When I was a little girl, my mum would curl my hair by wrapping handfuls of my long hair in what were known as ‘rags’ – does anyone else remember these?  They were just strips of material really but when strategically tied and wrapped around my hair at night, they would produce the most enviable head of curls by morning!  Years later when the ‘perm’ was all the rage, mum took me to the hairdresser for what felt like an entire day having my hair chemically treated, placed in rollers, then dried under those huge dome like dryers!  Now of course, I use one of those heated wands that allow you straighten, curl and do all sorts of things to hair… but I do secretly wish I had what this little girl has… pure, a-la-natural, good-hair-day CURLS!

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