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Babies get pimples more often than not, and it’s ok! – Brisbane Photographer

You may have heard about milk pimples, newborn rash or just simply baby acne before you have your little one. It doesn’t happen to ALL babies and is dependent on the amount of mummy’s hormones still within the babies blood stream after birth. These little pimples/red bumps tend to appear within the first month of your newborns life and tend to disappear once all of the mother’s hormone has left their body. They usually appear on bubs face but can also continue onto their shoulders and back. There are some other factors that can cause them to look more pronounced (like heat, extended crying, fabric irritation etc.) but please never worry about this, it is such a natural occurrence and is actually quite unique to newborns – it is that really newborn “look”. Also, we can gently remove baby’s milk pimples in post production. My beautiful middle daughter, Mezzy, had these little milk pimples quite badly, the poor little darling. They didn’t last long though and I found a gentle wash with clean water throughout the day helped to keep her skin calm. So PLEASE never worry about your babies skin for photo shoots! 

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