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Katrina Christ Photographer 

Katrina had this really cool idea over the Christmas Holidays!!

“Some of you know I don’t cook, however I need to stop making this as an excuse not to give my husband a break!                                                             
I need quick easy meals that are super healthy and super yummy that the kids (and we adults) will love.

Recipes that the kids can help with, maybe even low GI recipes.

I am sure most of you are super mums who manage this easily and love it.
I really struggle and I don’t love it.”

So here’s our idea…

We would love if you could all email through your favourite tried and true dinner recipes by the 23/1/2012. We will then go through them to create a range of 50 different healthy and exciting meals.

Then we would come to your home to photograph you all cooking this masterpiece to go into a book.

So each family would get a double page spread – photos one side – recipe on the other. We would love if there was a story to go with the recipe eg. Inherited from grandma.

                                                                 Our aim is to

a)      Help each other

b)      Include the children

c)       A fun thing to do as a family

d)      Encourage healthy eating

e)      End up with a gorgeous personal cookbook of yummy dinners from Melbourne families (approx cost of book $60,  yet to be finalised once quotes are in).

P.S. Recipe must be original, not a direct copy from any cookbook.

P.P.S. As you can appreciate we will need to limit how far we drive for this, and there will
n           be a $55 participation fee.

We will be donating a percentage to Mercy Care (the main charity that we support) 


Much love and happy 2012

Nami and her amazing team @ Katrina Christ Photographer xxx

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