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Brisbane Family Photographer – Jac’s Story

Last year Katrina offered to do a photo shoot of our family. That doesn’t sound that exceptional until you understand our circumstances. We had never invested in professional photos, and to be truthful I didn’t think we really needed them. But as is often the way we had 1000’s of photos of our daughter Georgie, and Georgie with her dad, but very few of Georgie with her mum (me) and even fewer of the 3 of us as a family.

In fact the last family photo we had was taken the week before I lost my shoulder length blonde hair, 3 years ago! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2009. 
Katrina gave us a gift we didn’t know we needed! Every woman who has had to make the transition that cancer demands, should celebrate their life! Within minutes (literally) Katrina had us joyfully connecting with each other. She got my mum- who has been my salvation during the journey,to sit with Georgie and me. Mum resisted and Katrina reminded mum that the photo wasn’t about her- it was about creating memories. The joy we have had looking at the photos,seeing through someone else’s eyes the love we treasure, has been a gift indeed. 
I now have, not just a moment captured in time,I have something tangible that is a record and a reminder that we have come through trauma, grief and despair and we have love. Katrina has captured Georgie’s spirit, my mums hands that have held me up, my husband who has to carry so much, and she has shown me my place, a loved and treasured mother, wife and daughter. A picture is worth a thousand words and our photos tell the story of love,laughter and resilience in the face of great loss. Katrina is a blessing,her art and talent reflects her generosity of spirit. Here is a person who can give you not just an image,but an experience that you can hold in your heart forever.
Thank you Katrina for giving us the gift of joy,for helping us celebrate that every moment is a moment,and reminding us that it’s ok to give to yourself. I will treasure the photographs,as will my daughter and hopefully her children. We are not forgotten if we live in the memories of others.
 You made me feel special, Mark feel valued and Georgie … Well she just LOVED being in the spotlight! She makes me laugh and laughter is what makes life worth living!! 
Jac xxxx…


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