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Did you know that we can do your business head shots for you? Great for websites, business cards and your LinkedIn profile page.

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We received this great email from the gorgeous Catherine Michael (pictured in the first 2 images). Check out Catherine’s website or contact her at

“Today, everyone needs to have a powerful online presence. With the tools available, there are thousands of ways to increase your ability to seize opportunities on the World Wide Web.

While most of my business is done during my speeches and meetings, I do have many people contacting me online. Over the years, my online presence has grown substantially. While I struggled for a long time trying to do what seemed to work, I struggled immensely.

Shortly after, I hired a professional to take care of all of my needs and my online business boomed. I get at least one lead everyday because of the professional service that I have utilized.

I will give your 3 simple ways that revolutionized my online approach. Here they are:

1. Professional Head shots: More than half on the people on Linkedin do not have professional head shots. Their pictures are taken with an iPhone and a blurry image is displayed online. As you can imagine, many people are hesitant to reach out to someone who isn’t willing to make a professional investment in themselves. For myself, I used an ancient Facebook photo when I first started on No one messaged or called me.

Once I got the professional photo done, everything changed.Suddenly, the Law of Attraction was in action! Instead of dealing with a barren inbox, I had professionals call me. I also use various head shots on my website and social media outlets.The head shot basically pays for itself in the first month. Make the investment. You will be among the elite.

2. Professional Website: When I first started doing business, I thought social media was enough. After a while, I got an amateur to do my website, but it didn’t make me feel confident. When I put a professional in charge, my business changed dramatically.

By the end of this decade, most professionals will have personal websites, even if it is for a hobby. Websites are trending like never before and your online presence can be severely hurt if you do not have one. People who haven’t met you want to know who you are. The more you can articulate it on your website, the more business you will gain.

A website is an online business card. When people search for you, they look for your website. In every business, your website will be a differentiating factor. When you visit my website, you will see my two books, videos, contact information, social media, and more. It tells you who I am and what I am about.

Your website is an authentic representation of who you are. It tells people how you will serve them. It must be congruent with your offerings. Make sure you have optimal keywords and SEO capabilities too.

3. Social Media: As mentioned before, you will be “Googled.” People are naturally curious and they are peeping on the web. If you are searching for a job, this is especially true. The other day, a businessman asked me to help him in the insurance business. Immediately, I typed his name in the Google search bar (don’t act like you never did this) and I was appalled by what I saw!

On his Facebook, he had copious messages that were licentious and vulgar. For a man who should be providing professional services, his message to the world did not correlate with the image he was supposed to represent.

Social media is an outlet that must give people information about yourself. Your message should be positive. On Linkedin, I find that many people are not using their profiles correctly. They conform to other average profiles and nothing stands out. Linkedin is not an online resume, it is an online brochure. It should be colorful and reflective of who you are.

Hopefully, these 3 tips have helped you. There are many more. I highly recommend that you hire a professional to increase your online presence. It is more important that ever before.

“The power of a click can determine your future.”-Daniel Ally

Many people try to do it themselves, but if you are not specialized in this area, it will not suffice. If you need a recommendation, please feel free to contact me. I know many people in this area that can help. It’s time to get connected with the world. I am looking forward to seeing your website soon!


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