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Hampton East Family Photo Shoot – Katrina Christ Photographer Black and White Signature Images

I had a fascinating chat with Tom about his tattoos and their meaning when I met him recently.  Tom and his wife Suzie had invited us to their family home for a Katrina Christ Photographer photo shoot where we also met their two beautiful children little Lily (just 10 weeks old… sigh!) and the very handsome Oliver.   When I first caught sight of the image above, captured by our Hawthorn studio photographer Natasha, I loved it, and Tom had exactly the same reaction (and we all had a giggle about Oliver giving Tom a kiss while Lily licked his arm!).  In fact, it has formed one of an amazing set of 6 Black and White Signature framed images that are soon to be ready for them.  Tom explained to me that the smaller tattoo indicated where he was from and that he was a New Zealander.   The larger tattoo at the top of his arm though was much more complex, and within it where tiny symbols that represented his travels, his wife, his two children, his parent, his best mate, and more.  It had been designed especially for him and had been some time in the making.   I think it’s fantastic that there are so many different artforms that we can all find meaning in, that speak directly to us of our life and family, wether this be tattoo, photography, dance, food, painting, or music.  Imagine how dull life would be without any of these!

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