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How It Works

When you choose Katrina Christ Photographer you are not only receiving Master Photography but an amazing experience.

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Step 1

The Photoshoot 

We aim to make this easy for you, we take all the stress out if it for you and make it super FUN and QUICK. We have street parking that is safe and easy to get kids in and out of cars.

Lots of space to spread out and a play area for the kids while Mum is having her makeup done and an AMAZING COFFEE MACHINE,  as well as a beautiful collection for tea lovers.

The photo shoot itself is done undercover at the front of my beautiful home studio utilising the most divine natural light ever, it’s all about the LIGHT. 

I photograph every possible combination for you, done with all my love.

My B/W Signature style is deliberately clean and classic, white top and jeans against a white backdrop so the eye is not distracted by props and patterns. It’s ALL about relationships and the love between your family.

Step 2

The Design Consultation

Your design consultation is the next creative step in designing everything you love for your walls. We allow 1-2 hours,there is no rush, we want you leaving completely satisfied with your purchasing decisions. It is at this appointment, that payment is taken and then we start work on creating.

The Katrina Christ Photographer Guarantee  – we guarantee you will absolutely love your photos or we will re-shoot at our cost! 

Step 3

Creating and Collecting Your Artwork

Out turnaround time is 3-4 weeks and we will call you soon as all customised finished artwork is perfect and ready for collection.

All photo’s purchased come with matching high res and social media files and these will be emailed to you for your own safe keeping.

We also highly recommend The Art of Hanging should you like your photos professionally hung.

We can start Your Family’s Love Journey right from the beginning, from pregnancy through to Generational Photography!

Please include as many people as you like at your session, the more the merrier – there is no extra charge.


I can’t count the amount of times I have heard this! Please don’t stress I am a professional photographer of 25+ years, I keep things running smoothly and make it super quick and fun. I want you leaving loving it all!

Trust me, I will find your most flattering angle, truly this is what I do, just relax and leave it all to me. I have always carried weight, so I get how important it is to love you in photos.

I have been photographing families for over 25 years and I can say hand on my heart that I am the EXPERT in this area. And don’t worry because I still capture amazing photos even if they are a little cheeky ( I secretly love it )

Keep it simple, white tops and jeans or white dresses, or white pants and white tops. Different necklines are best. Wear what you feel great in, and  Katrina does have a gorgeous white boho large dress you can borrow.

Don’t worry, please tell me at the design appointment and if you don’t love your photos I will re-shoot at my cost!

I believe in complete transparency. My packages are ALL inclusive so you know exactly what’s included and what’s not. There are no nasty surprises.

Relax and trust the process, I am a professional and this is what I specialise in. This is my HAPPY place!

As I like to say "it's not my first rodeo"


Life is full of precious moments, and capturing them perfectly for you is my passion. From pregnancy to birthdays and family reunions a milestone family photography session is a wonderful way to commemorate your special occasions. We offer a range of services to capture those golden memories including:

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is one of the most sacred times in a woman’s life and I love capturing the physical and spiritual beauty of this experience. The female form in all its glory and the precious life blooming inside is one of the most stunning photographic subjects there is.

36 weeks is the ideal time to have a maternity shoot. 

What to wear – white crop tops or singlet and white knickers , jeans and mans white shirt White lacy robes are divine and gorgeous and sexy, white flowing dresses work beautifully as well. Artistic nudes capture the shape of pregnancy and are taken to be classic and tasteful.

Please include your partner and kids, adorable love love them.

Newborn Photography

The arrival of a newborn baby is one of life’s moments of pure joy. They don’t stay tiny for long, which makes it so important to capture that precious newborn look. 0 – 4 weeks is the best time.

For first time parents these early weeks can be full on and exhausting, be reassured we take our time and give you the time you need.

If baby needs a feed or a cuddle ,that is fine. You may like to do some beautiful skin on skin photos, one of my favourites. We love the small details, little toes and tiny fingers, squishy bottoms.

What to wear – little white onesies , long or short sleeved, 

newborn photography brisbane black and white
black and white baby photography brisbane

Baby Photography

At 3 months old your baby is chubby and smiley now and very interactive. She / he may like tummy time and might be rolling over. They have lost that new newborn look.

I’ll capture your baby’s growing personality and make a permanent record of their cheeky smile. Again I recoomend you include the whole family, parents, kids and even pets

What to wear, I would still do white baby suit, or white singlet (skivvy in winter) and jeans, and nude because you may want to capture those chubby rolls and thighs.

First Year Photography

You could photograph them every month, each stage of your baby’s development is precious, they grow so fast! The first year is adorable.

Tummy time – sitting up – rocking on their hands and knees – giggles – talking. Babies are different and they all do it at their own time and pace. Lets photograph YOUR baby doing what they do and really capture their unique essence.

What to wear  – onesies – white singlets and shorts, little white dresses, little white pants with frills.

black and white family photography brisbane
black and white children photography

Children Photography

The terrible twos , love love love , this age is so cheeky and funny and a bit naughty, I love photographing this age, because you can’t reason with them they are completely natural and 100% themselves.

3- 4 years old they are still super natural, then from age 5 they start becoming more posey. 

The beauty of photographing children is in encouraging them to be who they are, I love to capture this honesty 

Teen Photography

Gorgeous young people, our future, I have 3 daughters, I know teenagers! 

It’s about connecting genuinely, you may only have a small window of opportunity, I’m all about shooting fast and making it fun.

This is an important time to capture,and you can completely trust in the fact that I will capture them beautifully for you.

Generation Photo's

Have you thought about photographing your whole generation.  Firstly the whole family, then grandparents and grandchildren, grandchildren together, grandparents and their kids,each family and then grandparents on their own. The whole experience is super fun and also a wonderful way to get everyone together. A truly special time.                 

What to wear – everyone in jeans and white tops, different necklines work best, choose clothes you love and feel great in, for you that may be a simple white t shirt, for others it might be a gorgeous classic collared blouse.


Let us capture these special milestones for you and your loved ones.

newborn photography brisbane black and white

Book Your Family Photoshoot

This fee covers your photo shoot with Katrina, including a beautiful natural makeup for mum.  You then purchase your photo’s a week later at our Design Consultation together. Please choose either a weekday or weekend shoot. I can’t wait to connect with you and your beautiful family.