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Katrina’s Christmas tips

Well what a big year it has been.

It was on my list this year to blog more, which we have done successfully in the 3 studios. Just not so great on this one, so this is my new years resolution

It is around this time of year that everything goes a little haywire, we are all madly trying to finish everything before Christmas, whether it is building a home , painting the house, hair and makeup for the end of year dance concerts,end of year sports…..getting everyones photos ready for Christmas!


No wonder people get stressed. At the end of every year my kids are TIRED, and most of the mums I speak to are in the same boat.

So here are some tips, which actually come a little bit from the Positive Parenting Program my husband Andy and I did  5 years ago (fantastic, I would recomend to all parents)

A) ask the children to help, it actually makes them feel part of the family!!!

B) pick the right time, don’t ask them to do the dishes if they have just sat down to watch their favourite show.

C) limit their tv or electronic usage, I find that I can make it a reward at the end, eg.if they get all their chores done first.

D) there is a vitamin D deficiency in Asutralia , which is insane I know, let them have 20 minutes in the sun with no sunscreen or sunshirt on.

E) encourage outside play with friends, keeping them busy can be key. maybe a good friend can mind your children while you tackle the christmas shopping and you can do the same back.

F) parking is nuts at the moment, don’t leave untill the last minute because not being able to find a park is stressful enough.

G) order some gifts online, make things easier on yourself.


The least stressful way is the way I like to go, otherwise you forget to have fun in the process of all the christmas madness.

A few years ago when we took the kids overseas for our first big family trip overseas, (the girls were 3,6 and 8) we had to catch an early morning flight from London to Guernsey. My brother ,being the accountant, informed me it would be much cheaper to just catch the tube to such and such a station then hop on a train to the airport. Ok so we are talking 3 littlies each carrying thier own backpack, me loaded up with camera and video bag, handbag and trying to hold little hands, Andy carrying and pulling the big bags- walking to the tube and getting through turnstiles etc etc. You can just imagine the stress, I am cringing now just thinking about it!!


Walk out of our hotel into a cab and sit back while he battled the traffic and dropped us right out the front of the airport. Let me tell you the 100 pound cab charge was worth every penny…


The moral of the story.

Destress yourself and your family, the cost of the tube and the train was going to be only slightly cheaper.

Life is too short as it is.

We have had some our beautiful families lose precious loved ones this year.

My husband Andy is recovering from brain tumour surgery, we have been so lucky.

ENJOY each other, count yourself lucky that you have each other.

Have a wonderful wonderful christmas with your families.

Katrina Christ xxxx





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