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Keeping Up With Technology – Professional Photographer

I am constantly making sure I am aware of what is out there and then researching what we should be offering our customers.

The tricky thing with technology is that because it is ever changing we don’t really know what we want in the future, and what will be important to us in the future.

But what we do know as Professional Photographers is that we don’t want to rely on the internet to be in charge of our heirlooms. The idea of handing down a beautifully framed print as opposed to a disc is surely more attractive.

Imagine having a wall portrait of your family from 20,30-40 or more years ago hanging proudly in your home to be enjoyed and then handed down to the next generation.

“The fleeting world of the Internet should not be trusted with the keeping of your memories.” Jenika McDavitt

We know that files on cds and dvds can become corrupt.

I do love the digital age, wow I mean look at how we can work our images even compared to when I started my business 17 years ago.I dropped them to my lab where they were hand printed  and then taken to a hand retoucher if anything else needed to be done. I remember in particular a lady who wanted her tatoo removed from her arm.

How easily is this done now via photo shop- insanely easy compared to the past!

How fantastic is it to shoot hundreds of images and then edit down without having to take the cost of a roll of film into consideration. ( although I do argue the extra time spent now in editing).

Sharing our images is awesome!…. At the click of a button we can share with our entire family and friends and then some.

Technology has changed the way we share, it is so easy to share now.

Going back to “we don’t know what we want in the future”

At a certain stage in our life we might think our career is the most important thing in our lives and then we reach a point when we know that FAMILY is.

In the future you are really going to want these photos of your loved ones.

Real tangible photos you can touch.

Much love

ps happy printing and hanging

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