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Newborn black and white images – didn’t want to get out of bed this morning?

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As the winternstarts to slowly approach us, I’ve noticed that it is definitely harder andnharder to get out of my (warm and cosy) bed in the mornings!  If mynhusband has gotten up first and turned the heating on, that does make things anlittle more bearable!  Perhaps itnis also because we’ve nearly hit mid year, believe it or not, and with the lastnChristmas holidays far behind us, and the next Christmas holidays still a longnway off, we might all be due for a bit of a pep-up. 

Last Friday Inarranged for a laughing coach to come and meet with our Hawthorn studionteam.  Needless to say it was a totalnlaugh (pardon the pun).  Mahes, of HealthnFountain ( been a laughing couch for many, many years, and believes that laughter isnindeed the best medicine.  Mahes justnradiated health and positivity and we were all a tad shocked when she revealednher age to us (you’ll have to meet her in person for this to be revealed).   We were all pushed outside of our comfortnzones,  encouraged to “let our innernchild out to play” and by the end of our one hour session I certainly felt likenI’d completed an aerobic workout – with a lot more fun involved!  Mahes believes that laughter is a fantasticnway to boost creativity, productivity, staff morale, and helps creates interpersonal relationships and teamnbuilding.  On a more personal level it can boost our immune efficiency, decreasenstress hormones, reduces blood pressure and even improves respiration.   I can’t recommend it highly enough (and havenbeen chanting alone in my car our warm-up exercise “ho, ho, ha ha ha!”).

newborn photography brisbane black and white

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