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Est. 1994

Moda blaK

The middle photo in this series is 18x18 and 6 surrounding are 10x18. This metal story is $4950

Introducing Moda blaK, an exquisite fusion of artistry and innovation in the realm of photography. Crafted with precision and passion, this high-end photographic product redefines elegance and style.

The absence of glass in the framing process enhances the tactile and visual experience, allowing you to intimately connect with the essence of each photograph. Moda blaK transforms spaces into galleries, showcasing the intricate details and vibrant hues with unparalleled clarity. This unique framing technique not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also adds a modern touch to your cherished memories.

8 x 12 inch

11 x 14 inch

16 x 20 inch

20 x 24 inch





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