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Est. 1994

Shen Therapies + Katrina Christ – Brisbane

Big thumbs up to Andrew and Shen Therapies team, thankyou thankyou thankyou. Always great catching up.

‘Shen’ means Spirit or Soul. In order to heal the body we must first heal the soul

Shen Therapies was established in 1995 and are known as leaders in the fields of Natural Fertility, Pregnancy and Gynaecology. Our Fertility Program has a 96.1{32a05b2fddc16810d70e37070e3b8354f46155b675f72976ad578a42375e8115} success rate and we have assisted over 11,000 healthy babies into the world. We can successfully and safely turn Breech Babies using Acupuncture and Moxibustion (85{32a05b2fddc16810d70e37070e3b8354f46155b675f72976ad578a42375e8115} success rate) and provide natural induction services (88{32a05b2fddc16810d70e37070e3b8354f46155b675f72976ad578a42375e8115} success rate).

Fertility, Gynaecology & Pregnancy Specialists
nSports and Remedial therapy, Chronic Illness, Weight Management
nTraditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
nBiomesotherapy & Moxibustion
nMassage and cupping
nDetox programs and general wellness

In addition to Women’s Health, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to treat the cause of many other disorders. Chinese Medicine works on several levels to:

Reduce the likelihood of a condition returning
nBalance and harmonise the organs and the body overall
nTreat imbalances before they even lead to disease

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