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Would you buy a professional photo on a cruise or a holiday

I caught up with our friends and their parents recently and we were discussing a cruise the grandparents  had gone on with their best friends.

They are all in their early 70s and are really enjoying their retirement.

So Graham loves to talk business and is always interested in what I am doing. He tells me that if they took his photo once on this cruise they took it a dozen times.

I asked him what they were photographing and if he bought one. Graham says that every time they dressed up for dinner was an example and that they were around $30 each, no he didn’t bother buying anything


I say “Graham, thats so cheap you should have bought one” and I tell him a story of how I feel about it.

We make it a point from every family holiday we take, to choose an image that represents our time together and when we spent a week in the snow skiing for the first time I organised for the photographer there to photograph our family. I am never going to get a shot of us all together and they captured this great image , we all look rosy cheeked with our big puffy snow gear on. I love it and we love to look back and remember what fun we had in the snow.

I also purchased a  few other shots of my husband and the girls coming up on the chairlift, giggling away. Yes I could have taken this shot,(which ultimately meant climbing down a hill and lying in wait in the snow), however this is what they do and it was cheap and they looked great.


Graham looks at me and says “Trine I should have bought one shouldn’t I “

“I just hadn’t ever thought about it like that before, these are my best friends and we actually don’t have any shots of the whole group.”

YES definitely!!!!!

Photographs, be it professional portraits in your home or in a studio or snaps in the back yard, shots taken on your phone at a party are all our memories. It says it ALL.

What a fantastic memory for you to hold, with your friends of 50 years, I hope I am doing that with my friends when I retire and I know I will be recording it. And if I am not recording it myself I will be handing over the $ to buy it.

I have never ever had a client say that they wished they hadn’t spent so much $ on their professional photos with me, they tell me how much they still absolutely adore their images and  how they have become even more precious as the kids have grown.

Happy shooting  and here’s to memories

Katrina xxx


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