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Annie Liebovitz

Recently I had one of the most wonderful mother/daughter days with my eldest, Izzy.

 I have always tried to spent one on one time with all my girls and usually it is a trip to the markets on a sunday morning.

I only just realised last week that the Annie Liebovitz exhibiton in Sydney had been extended and in fact was almost over.

I tentatively mentioned it to Izzy, hoping she would be interested, and after I explained who she was and some of her images she excitedly said yes.

so my beautiful dad turns up at 6.30am last Tuesday to collect us , with Mum, so we got to see each other, and off we set.

Even the 1 hour delay on the tarmac could not dampen our spirits, we played with the camera instead. Izzy is showing interest in photography and so it was a great opportunity to take a camera and take some pictures on the day.

The exhibition was amazing and we wandered in awe just loving the story , she is showing a mix of work and personal images. Ok so the shot of Demi Moore as seen on the front cover of Vanity Fair all those years ago was quite magnificent, she really started the whole nude pregnancy photography thing , it became ok and everyone wanted a  shot like Demi….her image of the Queen is spectacular, how on earth did she get the Queen of England to pose like that. I was in heaven and Izzy was very patient , letting me take as much time as I wanted (she is only 13 so I think that is pretty special, she really got how excited I was and was truly happy for me, not just wanting to get out of there to go do what she wanted – beautiful girl)

We wandered down to the cafes near the Opera House and had a bite to eat and then she spied Aria , ok now,so she is in heaven, she begged me to go in and share a dessert, amazing amazing..

Hmm and then still lots of time for shopping and then the flight home.

The time together was so so lovely and so important to connect and chat and she even let me hug her in public.

And so I hope you all have some one on one time with your children, cannot recomend it enough!!!

happy mothers day to you
nKatrina xxx

ps and lots of funny pictures too

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