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Children's Photography

Capture Your Childrens Spirit With Our Playful Kids Portrait Photography Or Lifestyle Children Photoshoots.

Children Photography

“Never photograph children and animals”, is what I hear regularly at kids photoshoots including pets, however, we LOVE it.

18 months – loads of fun, fast paced-dancing-jumping-tickling. This is a great time for a childrens photoshoot.

2 years, ahhh the terrible twos, cheeky and can be really challenging , my favourite age. You cannot reason with a two year old and this is why they are so much FUN.

3-4 years old little explorers, chatting, questioning.

5 -10 years, they are definitely more posy now, still so much fun. 

10-18 years, they are going to take over the world, and yes these are the hormonal years. Sometimes I suggest you stay inside and enjoy a coffee and leave them to me. 

Kids photoshoots and capturing those personalities – best job in the world xxx

Our children make us so incredibly happy in a way that no one can. Even though parenting can be tough and incredibly tiring, we wouldn’t change it for the world. Having kids is the most important thing we will ever do. Photographing our children is another way for them to feel loved and secure, knowing they are part of a family unit.

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Katrina has a beautiful energy and vibrance when she photographs, and throughout the entire process. We engaged with Katrina to shoot 7, most of them under 4. She made the work effortless and was very efficient, making sure the children had fun and did not grow restless. Really, only a pro could do that, outdoors on a hot QLD day. We had tears when we were able to view the images. It was so hard to pick just the ones we did. But we have cherished, honest, beautiful images of our children that we will enjoy forever. Biggest thanks to Katrina and her wonderful support team.

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This fee covers your photo shoot with Katrina, including a beautiful natural makeup for mum.  You then purchase your photo’s a week later at our Design Consultation together. Please choose either a weekday or weekend shoot. I can’t wait to connect with you and your beautiful family.