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You wouldn’t suspect it from the this very restful image, but I had a HOOT of a time with the crazy (and I know she won’t mind me saying so) mum of this delightful little bubby while they were here at our Hawthorn photography studio for their design consultation.  Rachel did a very special photo shoot for this family and had just as much fun with them as I did.  Baby James Archer (what a handsome name indeed) had some gorgeous images captured with his raucous cousins (two more boys), who I know he will grow up with and have an amazing relationship with, if the closeness of his mum and aunty are anything to go by.

I was lucky enough to spend Christmas with my extended family and had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing relationship between my children and all of their cousins.  Whilst they only get together once or twice a year due to all living interstate, it is a very real and immediate bond that they have.  They KNOW that they are family, and you know they have a very tight bond when the pick up right where they left off from last Christmas.  In fact my son (3 years) has cousins on the top of his birthday party list and told me that his cousin Jack (10 years old) is his best friend!  Very cute.

Great to see you Sarah and Michelle (albeit very briefly today).  Hope you LOVE your beautiful photographs from Katrina Christ Photographer Hawthorn and also love seeing this little man up on our blog. Nami xxx

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