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Baby Photography

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Baby Photography

As life takes hold, your picture will bring back the smell of their breath and the feel of their newborn skin. As you fall in love with your little one, we will find that picture!

Around the 3 month stage they are so lovely and chubby and squidgy, their personality can already be seen. This is a great time for baby’s first photo shoot at our Brisbane studio.

Photographing a 6 month old baby is super fun, they might be sitting up by then, rolling over and are very interactive and playful. Another great moment to for a baby photography shoot!

Baby at 9 months, well, I am a sucker for sucking toes and feet, too cute. I love that they are so pleased with themselves. They might be crawling by now too. Clever little things xxx

1 year old and what a milestone, walking or sometimes running by this stage, they are all different. My first walked at 9 months and my second daughter walked at 13 months. I always include the whole family and siblings as well as single portraits. Pets are pretty awesome with a baby in a photoshoot as well!

Our natural light studio is perfect for capturing magical moments with your precious little ones. We have an area for relaxing and feeding your baby, a nappy change area, play area for toddlers.

When your baby reaches 3-6 months they’re starting to get that delightful chubbiness and playfulness which is a joy to capture on film, making this the ideal time to book a baby photography session. I adore capturing the pure delight of a laughing baby and paying attention to all those little details – their tiny fingers, their soft curls and all the precious things you want to remember about your baby.

After over 25 years of photographing newborns and babies and having my own children, I can tell you that things don’t always go to plan and this is perfectly normal and ok! If your little one is crying, hungry or just needs cuddles for a bit, it’s okay. We take our time and make sure you absolutely love the end result, there is no rush and no pressure of time.

Our beautiful nurturing environment is designed to bring out the best in a newborn and baby photography session, a space where you can truly connect with each other, and my job is to encourage and document this. This ensures the most wonderful family and newborn photography memories, which you will cherish for years to come.

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What a wonderful experience! Katrina came to my home and we had such a fun morning in the backyard. It ended up being quite messy which was half of the fun! Babies and four legged fur babies made for lots of great smiles, laughs and endless memories. We then collected our beautiful pieces and they will be in our lives forever! It truly was a moment in time captured so beautifully. Katrina you are VERY talented! Can't wait to get more done!!! LOVE your work lovely ladies xxxx

Yvette Cottrill

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