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Gift certificate for a beautiful birthday gift!

Katrina Christ photographer

We all love a man who puts together something a little special for his loved one’s birthday – or any occasion for that matter!  Cameron came to us for a gift certificate to give as a birthday present for his beautiful wife Kim; and it turned into a family affair with a gorgeous portrait shoot with their daughter (also very beautiful!) and their very serious family pet, golden retriever, Jemma.  (Kim and Cameron, I know pets can’t smile on command but you have to agree with me that she was looking very formal and posed in your family images!)

The above image of lovely Ms Ella, looking very cheeky and perhaps a little coy in her birthday suit.  I often get asked by clients which is the best age to have their baby photographed.  Any time is the perfect time!  Newborn, 1 month, 3 months, 6 month (as Ms Ella was), whenever you get the opportunity!  Children grow and change so much, particularly in the first 18 months of life, and I truly believe you can never have a too-detailed record of your family or child’s life.  Early years are such precious ones and fly by incredibly quickly!

We look forward to showing you your beautiful framed piece next week.  We promise we will call you as soon as it arrives!

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