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Mothers Day 2011

Well Mother’s Day is soon here and each year we try to come up with a beautiful promotion for mums.

And as a rule we tend to focus on new mums, however recently we have been photographing quite a few mums (more my age) and their mums.

This really got me thinking about how we do tend to have our babies and the focus is all on the baby (fair call, they are gorgeous).

When a new baby is born into a family, amongst the excitement of a new baby, we probably forget that a “new mum” is born.

Our mums are an enormous help when it comes to experience and support. Grandmothers can play a huge role in their grandchildrens lives, and often they are the carers these days. My children are so incredibly lucky to have both sets of grandparents and we all treasure the relationships.

When my girlfriend and I had our first babies close together, I remember her telling me she asked her mum for advice on burping and her mother told her what had worked for her and said ”Michelle, things have changed so much since I had you that I am sure there are better ways of doing things now”

I have always remembered this wise piece of advice because can we all agree as a new mum you can be bombarded with kind advice!!!!

So what I wanted to celebrate this year is a mum and her mum, because this is the woman who gave birth to you, helped mould you, love, guide and support you. Now here she is, still supporting and guiding you in your new role as a mum.

So my idea this year for Mother’s Day and how you can celebrate with your mum, is an experience.

What we want more than anything these days is time.

Our kids don’t want things, they want time with us.

 It is true of our mums as well, the most precious thing I can give my mum is time. And I am sure this is the case with most mums.

So we will bring a bottle of champagne and we will do a beautiful natural makeup for you and your mum and we will do a most gorgeous and fun shoot of the 2 of you.

I have a necklace (that my daughters bought me for Christmas this year) which says

” it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

So this is the journey, right now. A photo shoot together, a bit of bubbly, a few giggles and some beautiful images to have forever!!

Katrina Christ Photographer Mothers Day


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