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Twin photography and the power of social media

These angels were 10 days old when Rachel got invited to photograph them at their home. Twins are absolutely adorable to take photos of and we always jump at the chance when the opportunities come our way. It can be a little challenging to persuade both siblings to do what you’d like them to do at the same time, but the results are usually breath-taking. 


The science between twins might be a bit tricky to wrap your head around, but when you see them next to each other, everything seems to make sense. And it is that natural beauty that draws attention to twin photography. This is easily identified by the response that a simple Facebook post captures. In the case of Jayden and Nathan, a lot of friends and family live abroad, and it is incredible to see the power of an image through social media. A lot of the time it is the first time they have seen the new baby or babies and it really is a great privilege to be the ones who took that picture, the picture that presents a new life or in this case two new lives to those who instantly love them. 


Anisa and Jason it was a pleasure to spend time with you and your boys and an honor to help showcase their beauty to the world. 

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