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Your Free social media mages – “my photos”

 I would love to tell you all about “my photo’s”

Every time you have a shoot with us you will recieve FREE ” my photos”

These are photos for you to share with your family and friends.

So every image you order will be included.

You will be able to download them , share them on facebook and twitter, put them on your  smartphone, and email them.

Katrina xxx

below is hopefully answers to every question you might have

Q. Are they free?

A. Yes they are. We recognise that everyone wants their photos on their phones and facebook etc.These are a gift from us to say thank you and they will have our name subtly along the bottom.


Q. Is this all my photos?

A. This will be all the images you have ordered.


Q. How long are they online for?

A. 30 days.


Q. Can I print from this?

A. These are social media images only, so suitable for facebook, iPhone, screensaver, showing family, you can create a slideshow on your own computer. If you have family interstate or overseas they can also view and even order if they would like to.


Q. Do we get them on a disc?

A. No actually you don’t because the DVD will not last – research is now showing that a dvd will only last 3 years!


Q. Why can’t I download my collection as a whole?

A. The online gallery is designed so that each image is uploaded as individual images, and so the images for facebook and downloading must be done one at a time.


Q. What if my shoot was done last year or 5 years ago?

A. This is still available to you. As you are aware we have stored all of the images you purchased. Our normal retrieval fee is $310, however I have worked out a price I hope everyone will appreciate and be happy with. This fee is per shoot.


The files will have to be retrieved from our off site storage company, then resized, then saved. A user name and password will have to be created on my website, files will then be renamed, and uploaded to the site and then an email sent to you. The fee will be $55 and this as you can see is just to cover our time.


I am so excited by this and I really hope you are too. Katrina xxx

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This fee covers your photo shoot with Katrina, including a beautiful natural makeup for mum.  You then purchase your photo’s a week later at our Design Consultation together. Please choose either a weekday or weekend shoot. I can’t wait to connect with you and your beautiful family.